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Fantasy Nature 

House Residential Design


LOCATION :  HK, Kau To Shan , La Vetta

Scale :  3000 sqft2  RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS

This is a 3000 sq.ft. with 3 level house interior design. The house is living with four family members including a newly wedding couple and their twins daughter. They have chosen La Vetta in Cove Hill as their new home. La Vetta is a high privacy and low-density housing which adopt the surrounding natural environment as their housing design ideas. For this housing design project, we have been used a light classic with fantasy elements as the key aspect in our design. We also combine with multiples natural materials, including a wood flooring with medium shade color and exquisite marble patterns. Furthermore, morandi color have been chosen for a second color in this house. The final housing design experience was a combination of these elements which contributed to an elegant and a mixture of nature and classic art.




The existing layout has no foyer area, It's resulting the entrance door facing to the dining area.

The new layout designed a screen panel to separate the entrance. The screen is made of semi-transparent gradient mirror glass and the shoe cabinet uses the full mirror door, Those are creating an elegant and transparent entrance space.

The glass opaque position of the dining room is designed to be 1.8 meters high.It combined with the light classical curved wall shape, and the high-quality solid wood dining table  combination  created an independent, elegant and natural dining space.


新布局利用屏風作出區隔出玄關位置,屏風採用半透光漸變鏡面的特色玻璃 及鞋櫃採用全鏡面門,創作出一個既優雅又不失空間通透感的玄關空間。





The transition area between the foyer and the dining room is designed to create a multi-functional leisure space.That combined showcases, wine cabinets, cooking areas and bar. In order to enrich the level and coherence of the space, the streamlined shape is combined with the light classical details and bronze steel details design. In addition to increasing the artistry of the space, The moving space is kept smooth, so that the light and classical beauty and functionality are naturally in the same living space. Fusion in.

廚房與飯廳之間的過渡區域特意打造一個結合展櫃,酒櫃,輕煮食區與吧枱用餐的多功組合休閒空間。為了豐富空間的層次和連貫性,以流線型的型態配合輕古典及古銅鋼細節設計,除了增加空間的藝術性更令走動空間保持流暢, 使輕古典的美感與功能性自然地在同一個生活空間中融合。

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