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Life of Tree  

Apartment(PH) -

Location: Sai Kung ,Mount Pavilia,

Scale: 3600 Sq.ft

Our design philosophy and approach prioritize the integration of humanity, nature, and tradition to create living spaces that are functional, beautiful, and socially responsible. We believe that the current fast-paced nature of modern society often contributes to the lack of personalization of living spaces, encouraging people to prioritize their individual needs over those of their communities and the environment.


For this design project, ‘Life of Tree’, we aimed to create a living story about a traditional family bringing vitality into their lives. The client, a couple living with three kids and their parents, prioritized the needs of the elderly and children. We designed interior spatial planning to take into consideration the strong connection between three generations, dividing the apartment into four zones, including the living room area with a balcony, dining room with a spirit tablet, children’s learning area, and the bedrooms with a bathroom and rooftop garden.


In the children’s learning area, we used colors of the wall, light blue, pink, and purple, chosen according to child psychology. These colors are known to create a feeling of relaxation, happiness, empathy, and creativity, contributing to the overall well-being of the children. In the living room, the spirit tablet was placed to promote respect and attention to the ascended masters, and natural veneers were used in the overall design to create a temple-like atmosphere.


The rooftop garden was designed with the background of Tai Chi philosophy that represents the yin and yang and symbolizes the holism of life. A Japanese Pine Bonsai was also included in the garden, symbolizing longevity and health in Japanese culture, showcasing a combination of different cultures in the same space.


Our design approach is based on a belief that people must create living spaces that take into account the broader social landscape and natural surroundings. Consequently, our design is an example of sustainable environmental design that seeks to create harmony with nature. We believe that our work reflects our commitment to creating living spaces that honor tradition and emphasize the interconnectedness of humanity, nature, and the environment.


We believe that our design project is award-worthy because it embodies the principles of sustainable design and reflects our commitment to creating sustainable living spaces. Our design is award-worthy because Also, it is socially and environmentally responsible, taking into account the needs of the community and the environment. Additionally, Overall, our design reflects harmonious integration of different cultures, inspiring people to follow a more holistic approach to life. Overall, we believe that our design project is deserving of recognition for prioritizing the well-being of the community, the environment, and the space's users.












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