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The proposed design concept for the high-rise units in the prime location of the Mira Place in Tsim Sha Tsui offers unobstructed views of the renowned natural landmark Victoria Harbour. The spacious layout and excellent natural lighting create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere throughout the space. The design aims to provide a serene, sophisticated, and aesthetically pleasing beauty space that aligns with the brand's values and preferences, offering a comfortable, relaxing, and high-quality beauty experience. The design incorporates elements of the ocean, beach, and nature, seamlessly integrating the brand's characteristics in the design details. creates a unique and distinctive space that allows people to experience the brand's unique charm and a connection with nature.

次的設計方案是位於位於尖沙咀黃金地段的美麗華廣場,高層單位擁有開揚景觀更可遠觀香港著名的自然地標維多利亞港,開闊的空間視野和極好的采光讓整個空間充滿優雅舒適的氛圍。在設計上提供一個恬靜高雅且充滿美感的美容空間設計,設計依循品牌價值觀和設計偏好,並提供舒適、放鬆和高品質的美容體驗。設計將海洋、沙灘和自然元素融入空間中,將品牌特色融入到設計細節中 ,可以創造出獨特且與眾不同的空間,讓人們感受到品牌的獨特魅力和與大自然連結的體驗。




By integrating ocean-themed and symbolic elements into the design concept of women's skincare and beauty care, we can create a one-of-a-kind and captivating space that enables customers to embark on a skincare journey deeply connected to nature. Such a design not only attracts customers but also highlights the brand's focus on women's skincare and beauty care concepts. Therefore, we have chosen natural blue as the main color scheme for the design, creating a clean and elegant space. Complemented by furnishings in the same color palette, we aim to showcase a warm and refined beauty. By incorporating elements related to the theme, we can enhance the space's oceanic atmosphere and uniqueness. The exquisite textures and materials, such as velvet, self-leveling surfaces, and walls with wave-like textures, enhance the overall quality of the space, creating intricate details and a sense of depth. These textures and materials create a distinct oceanic ambiance, making the space more vibrant, dynamic, and visually captivating. In terms of color selection, we use shades of blue as the dominant palette for the entire design, such as sea blue, sandy beige, white, and silver. These colors can be applied to walls, floors, furniture, and decorative items, infusing the space with a coastal and natural atmosphere.This adds accents and layers to the overall design, enhancing the atmosphere and creating a truly immersive experience. This adds accents and layers to the overall design, further enhancing the atmosphere. Silver can also contrast with the sea blue and white, bringing more visual impact to the overall design while harmonizing with the brand image. From false ceilings to soft furnishings, everything is tailor-made with a sleek and streamlined design to maintain consistency in the overall style. This design is simple yet distinctive. Combining these design elements, we can create a serene and comfortable beauty experience and provide guests with a pleasant and relaxing environment.

透過將海洋主題和象徵性特質融入女性美肌護理和保養的設計概念中,可以創造出獨特而引人注目的空間,讓顧客感受到與大自然相連的美肌護理體驗。 這樣的設計不僅能夠吸引顧客,也能突顯品牌關注女性美肌護理與保養的概念。因此我們以自然藍色作為設計的主色調,整個空間整潔且雅緻,搭配同色系的陳設,展現溫潤雅致之美。再加入與主題相關的元素,能夠增加空間的海洋感和獨特性。空間整體透過運用細緻的紋理和質感,如絲絨、自流平和波浪紋理的牆壁等,為空間增加更多的細節和深度。 這些紋理和質感能夠營造出獨特的海洋氛圍,使空間更加豐富、生動和引人注目。在色彩的選擇上,我們以藍色的色調作為整個設計的色系,如海藍色、沙色、白色和銀色。 這些顏色可以用於牆壁、地板、家具和裝飾品,以營造海洋和自然的氛圍。將增加空間的亮點和層次感。 銀色還可以與海藍色和白色形成對比,為整個設計帶來更多的視覺衝擊,同時與品牌形象相呼應。從假天花以至軟裝家具均為度身訂造亦貫徹簡潔的流線形的設計,以保持整體風格的一致性,這樣的設計簡單而不失個性。綜合這些設計元素,可以創造出一種清幽而舒適的美容體驗,並為客人提供一個愉悅和放鬆的環境。


When designing the layout of a space, our goal is to maximize the space effect within a limited area, ensuring that each area has sufficient space to meet the needs of customers and employees and to provide a comfortable working environment. Considering the flow of customers and employees, we ensure that the spatial layout is reasonable, which can improve overall efficiency and experience. We position the consultation room and the doctor's room in locations with open views, allowing ample natural light in the space. The remaining beauty rooms are evenly distributed, satisfying both an open spatial feeling and privacy protection. We use blue tones and high-quality materials to create a comfortable, stylish, and appealing space experience, which perfectly embodies the beauty of modern women. By combining these design elements, we can create a beauty space that is both comfortable and fashionable, appealing to consumers who can enjoy beauty services while relaxing and relieving stress. At the same time, it provides a pleasant and cozy environment for customers, as intended by the operator.

在設計空間的佈局時,我們務求在有限的空間中達到最大的空間效果,確保每個區域都有足夠的空間,以滿足顧客和員工的需要,提供舒適的工作環境。 考慮顧客和員工的流動路線,並確保空間佈局合理,可以提高整體效率和體驗。我們將顧問房和醫生房設置在擁有較開揚景觀的位置,使空間有充足的自然光線。其餘的美容房考以均等形式劃分,既滿足通透的空間感,又保護了隱私。我們選用藍色的色調和優質的材質來創造舒適、時尚和具有吸引力的空間體驗,整個佈局亦能完美展現出作為現代女性的美,透過將這些設計元素結合起來,可以創造出一個既舒適又時尚、具有吸引力的美容空間。 消費者可以享受美容服務的同時放鬆心情,舒緩工作壓力,而經營者則能為顧客提供一個愉悅和愜意的環境。










Sliver Ocean

Beauty Shop Design

Scale: 1,360 sqft

Location: Mira mall , TST, HK

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