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The project is for a 1,350-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bathroom unit located in the Beverly Hill area of Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island. As a traditional luxury residential neighborhood with nearly forty years of history, it remains an idyllic place that people dream of calling home. Situated in a picturesque setting, the area offers a tranquil environment and delightful views, overlooking the Happy Valley Racecourse. Residents can enjoy a high-quality lifestyle in this exquisite locale. The occupants of this unit are a close-knit family consisting of a mother, daughter, and their beloved dog. Both the mother and daughter work in the senior finance industry and share a strong bond. They each have their own unique aesthetic and attitude towards life. The design takes inspiration from their individual personalities and characteristics, and the designer has incorporated a vibrant garden concept and the lady's lifestyle into the space.


The Warm Garden 

Type:             Apartment 

LOCATION : The Beverly Hill ,Wan Chai District ,Happy Valley  HK

SIZE:              1354 sqft2 


The concept of the garden is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the entire residence, allowing people to feel relaxed and comfortable while adding a sense of liveliness and vitality. Therefore, we have chosen a foundation of understated light luxury for the design, complemented by delicate and exquisite artworks to add an air of elegance and artistic flair to the space. The overall space incorporates natural textured rough marble, which adds a rich tactile experience and allows the occupants to appreciate the unique qualities of the material through touch. The rough texture of the marble adds a sense of depth and dimension to the space, enhancing the overall sensory experience. In addition to the natural, textured, and rough marble, the design also features lustrous metallic elements that contribute to a unique tactile sensation. The use of glossy metals adds a distinct texture that enhances the overall quality and visual effect of the design. The collision between these elements creates an intangible impact, bringing a sense of fashion, understated luxury, and sophistication to the space. In terms of color selection, we have chosen a color palette dominated by shades of mauve as the overall theme of the design. Soft pastel purple serves as the primary color, complemented by neutral tones and gentle shades of pink and brown. This combination creates a warm, elegant, and comfortable ambiance, infusing the space with a gentle and graceful aesthetic.



When designing the layout of the space, we prioritize the needs and lifestyle of the occupants, ensuring that every area is utilized to its fullest potential. From false ceilings to TV cabinets and even soft furnishings: Custom-made design with a streamlined approach to fit the specific requirements and aesthetic preferences of the occupants. We connect rooms and incorporate the corridor space to create a spacious closet area. We provide a vanity table for grooming makeup. The Display Area can show Collections. also the wardrobe sections with curved edges for elegance. Overall we use soft and harmonious Color-Tons and high-quality Materials.

This layout not only allows for shared space but also provides sufficient room for each individual to maintain their personal space and belongings. It showcases a living environment that embodies quality and taste, catering to the needs and preferences of the occupants while promoting a sense of luxury and refinement.


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