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ZTW LAB is an innovative, diverse and professional interior design team. Founded by Zac and Tim. The Full of passion design team was responsible for multiple professional interior design areas. Finished design projects were including hospitality, large beauty spa centers, office, and high-end residential projects. It provides high-end and innovative design techniques with unique styles for each project. Large-scale project management of the requirement and quality.

Hong Kong lifestyle is fast-paced, stressful and overwhelming. And expensive housing is one of the factors that underpin it. In the light of it, our design philosophy has always been revolving around the aim of improving Hongkongers’ quality of life by bringing visually futuristic touches and a sense of happiness into their own interior spaces. Regardless of the size of the given home unit or commercial unit, our designs strive not only to make the most of every inch of interior spaces, but also to effect unique, sensory and physical experiences that can envision different owners’ personalities. Our design strategy does not confine itself to space planning, lighting, and texture in different materials. When it comes to units with spectacular views, merging the exterior view and the interior space together can further evoke positive, lively feelings. We have faith in the sustainability of design approach because it caters for all housing and building ranges. The essence of interior design to me is not just about aesthetically narrating how people live in one place or make use of the place, but also facilitating the way they live in it, and by extension, to make them happier.

Our philosophy is to create some well being and futuristic life styles .Aims to bring happiness and amazing feelings of our life. 

ZTW LAB是一支創新、多元化、專業的室內設計團隊。由Zac和Tim創立的充滿激情的設計團隊,負責多個專業的室內設計領域。完成的設計項目包括大型美容水療中心、辦公空間和中高端住宅項目。高端和創新的設計技術,每個項目都有獨特的風格。大型項目管理要求和質量。 我們的設計理念一直圍繞著提高人的生活質量為目標,為他們自己的室內空間帶來視覺上的未來感和幸福感。無論給定的家庭單元或商業單元的大小如何,我們的設計不僅力求充分利用每一英寸的室內空間,還力求實現獨特的、感官和物理體驗,可以想像不同業主的個性。我們的設計策略並不局限於不同材料的空間規劃、照明、紋理。當談到具有壯觀景色的單元時,將外部景觀和內部空間融合在一起可以進一步喚起積極、活潑的感覺。我們相信設計方法的可持續性,因為它適合所有住房和建築範圍。室內設計的本質不僅僅是從美學上講述人們如何生活在一個地方或如何利用這個地方,而且還促進他們在其中的生活方式,進而使他們更快樂。我們想創新的是生活的感覺✨

Address :

23/F Well View Commercial Blog,10 Morrison St Central, Sheung Wan , HK

Whatsapp/m : +852 6365 7454

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