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Hong Kong is a densely populated, stressful and overwhelming city.

Most people have to sacrifice aesthetics and lifestyle for the sake of the utility and storage, which is limiting as it casts enjoyment aside. 

A good spatial experience revolves around “getting back to basics” because basics bring out comfort. Our design strives to not only make the most of every inch of space, but also creates an immersive and lively interior space.​The essence of interior design  is not simply about aesthetically narrating how people live in one place or make use of the place - it should facilitate the way they live in it.


Our design strategy is not limited to space planning, lighting, and texture in different materials.


The doctrine of our design strategy is streamlining, and using diverse material and colors to add vibrancy to an interior space. When it comes to units with spectacular views, merging the exterior view and the interior space together can further evoke positive and lively feelings.  


These innovative techniques create highly immersive space designs.

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